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A PrePaid ATM is an ATM Card, Debit Card and Virtual Card all in one for easy online casino play

Due to the fact that there are plenty of various banking choices to pick from at the online casino, we at Online Casino Deposit would like to be certain that you know everything regarding internet gambling deposit preferences, including PrePaid ATM Casinos. PrePaid ATM Casinos casinos are extraordinary if you are searching for a watched and popular deposit option. Hitting upon a world wide web casino that is perfect for your necessities is rarely a fun mission. Quit surfing the internet randomly for your ideal website, you will come across the top PrePaid ATM Casinos casino at Online Casino Deposit.


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PrePaid ATM PrePaid ATM

PrePaid ATM is an ATM Card, Debit Card and Virtual Card all in one. When you use it you can Purchase products or services online without revealing personal information. It’s the only ATM card not tied to a bank account and guarantees full privacy. You can fund your card in a variety of ways and enjoy an easy access to your funds from ATM machines worldwide.

PrePaid ATM can be used to shop online or at thousands of retail locations nationwide that accept debit. With PrePaid ATM you can withdraw money at thousands of ATM machines around the world. One of the more exciting features of the PrePaid ATM Card is the Rewards Program. The Rewards Program offers the opportunity to earn money from online purchases made by friends you referred to PrePaid ATM. Once the referral is registered and funded, you can begin earning a 3% commission on their accumulated online transfer fees. If your commissions total $10.00 or more, they will be transferred to your account at the end of every month. If your commissions do not total $10.00, they will roll over to the next month.

PrePaid ATM’s security has been designed especially for you so it offers three levels of the most advanced security features available to protect your personal information and your privacy simultaneously. With a secure web site, a login and transaction process and a birth date approval, the verification procedure assures complete safety. Using the PrePaid ATM Card online is quick, convenient and secure so you know your transactions are safe and private. Any website that has the PrePaid ATM logo on it accepts the PrePaid ATM card as a deposit method.

The PrePaid ATM Card is the only Card that can be used on the Internet for purchasing goods without providing your card number. The only information a website receives is your account code. No names, personal information or the number of your Card is ever given. When a Cardholder uses their PrePaid ATM Card to purchase a deliverable product, all funds for that transaction are placed aside for fourteen days to ensure that the product arrives and you are satisfied. You can notify the Customer Care Center within 13 days of any difficulty or inconsistency.

Making an online deposit with your PrePaid ATM Card is easy. When you reach the online deposits section at a participating Merchant, click on the PrePaid ATM button and a window will appear, taking you directly to PrePaid ATM’s secure website. Enter your account code and security code to enter the secure website. Verify the amount of the transaction, make sure the box that says “receiver pays the fees” is checked, check the box for a deliverable product if applicable and enter your 4 digit pin code to submit form.

Use the PrePaid ATM Card anywhere debit cards are accepted. Renting a video, buying your groceries, or just going shopping are some ways to get the most out of your PrePaid ATM Card. When making a casino deposit you must select DEBIT and enter your Pin Code on the Pin pad. If you select credit the transaction will not be approved. This is for your protection.

Select PrePaid ATM as your depositing method to send money to the online casino you wish to gamble at and you can collect a bonus. Some casinos offer a depositing bonus for preferring PrePaid ATM on the other Online casino deposit methods.

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