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Free Market Network Criticizes Act Against Online Casino Sites

26 Oct 2006

The Free Market News Network has recently condemned the approval of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, who comes out strongly against the online casino industry. It was not only the legislation itself that bothered them, but the way in which it was passed. The network claims that Senator Bill Frist managed to pass the act against online casino sites due to the fact that, at the last minute, he attached it to a very important security bill. By doing that he made sure that anyone who would vote for the vital security bill would also be compelled to vote in favor of his prohibition bill.

According to the FMNN, the only thing that Senator First managed to do is give a boost to a minority of gray and black market online casino sites who will take advantage of the situation and sprout on account of the well regulated sites that exist right now. In the end, says the network, this legislation will hurt the players, the country and the online casino industry who will stop to be as regulated as it is right now.

“The Congress has passed a hypocritical protectionist piece of legislation in an effort to protect Americans from themselves, instead of trying to prevent children from gambling on online casino sites or try to deal with online fraud” adds the FMNN. They conclude by saying that just by making it more difficult for millions of responsible and moderate Americans to gamble in online casino sites won’t solve the problems stated above, but it can surely make things worse.

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